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Swiss Made Fake Rolex Day-Date ref. 6611 UK

With the luxury fake Rolex Day-Date, you have the same “issue” as with last week’s Datejust list: there are different references within the same generation of models. So despite using specific references for this list, it’s mainly about the different generations when it comes to technical updates. We’ll start this list with not the first but the second reference of the cheap replica Rolex Day-Date.
As I explained in the Buying Guide article about the best Rolex replica watches online from the 1950s, the first Day-Date models that Rolex introduced in 1956 were the ref. 6510 (domed bezel) and ref. 6511 (fluted bezel). These are incredibly hard to find because they were only produced for a year. The biggest flaw was the movement because it didn’t build up enough power reserve to switch to the next day at midnight.

That’s why best 1:1 replica Rolex UK introduced the ref. 6610 and ref. 6611 in 1957 with an updated version of the caliber 1055, which featured a free-sprung balance with micro-stella adjustment. While I picked the ref. 6611, the pink gold ref. 6612 with the smooth bezel that you see in the picture above is equally impressive. Still, I find that a AAA fake Rolex Day-Date should be yellow gold with a fluted bezel, but it’s not necessarily the only traditional configuration. The top copy RolexDay-Date ref. 661x models were in production until 1959 when they were replaced by the first of the famous Day-Date 1800 series. Design-wise, there are some differences, the main one being the handset and the markers.

A different aesthetic but still very much a Day-Date
The old aesthetic for the Datejust and the Rolex Day-Date replica for sale famously featured a pie-pan dial, Alpha hands, and different styles of indices. Funnily enough, Day-Date models from this generation feature dauphine hands. And there are even dials known to feature German text, as seen in the first couple of pictures. It’s an extra dimension besides the obvious change in language on the weekday disc at the top of the dial. But most of all, the different styles of hands and markers do not hide that this is a classic high quality fake Rolex Day-Date. Getting this classic flagship model from the brand will set you back between roughly €10K and €20K depending on the condition and whether it comes on a leather strap or a precious metal bracelet.


If you’ve read our previous prediction articles, you should be familiar with this watch and realise that we’ve been using these predictions to nudge Rolex replica for sale uk into creating this watch. We’ve been predicting (or actually wishing for) this watch for several years now, and we know the chances to see it coming are slim. But one can still dream, right?

So here we are again this year with our latest interpretation of the cheap replica Rolex Explorer Polar dial, based, of course, on the latest 36mm generation of this model. The idea is rather simple: using the base of the top super clone Rolex reference 124270 and changing the dial to white would create a mirror image of the classic black version. The whole concept isn’t just a figment of our imagination since white dials have existed in the past – see this extremely rare example once auctioned by Christie’s, based on a vintage reference 6610. And even though this white dial Swiss made fake Rolex Explorer will undoubtedly retain its unicorn status, we can still dream of it coming back into standard production in a modern shape.

And since the closest you could get in the past to this high quality fake Rolex UK, the Oyster Perpetual 39 White Dial reference 114300, is no longer part of the updated OP collection, there’s room for a white dial Explorer. And again, once you’ve done a two-tone Rolex Explorer super clone online, anything can be done…