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Hunter S Thompson’s UK Best Replica Rolex GMT-Master

While the perfect replica Rolex GMT-Master frequently worn by literary loose-cannon Hunter S Thompson is probably in the possession of his widow, Anita, it hasn’t been seen since he died in 2005. Should it ever show up for auction, it would attract serious interest from buyers and be a very cool copy watch to own, given its previous owner and his notoriety.

Thompson, who wore a 16700 ‘Coke’ version similar to the ‘Pepsi’ one pictured above, made several references to his luxury replica Rolexes (he is believed to have owned more than one during his lifetime) in his writing. In one memoir he writes of being in Saigon at the tail-end of the Vietnam War and selling a best 1:1 replica Rolex for $200 so that he could pay his tailor.

Could that copy watch turn up in a Vietnam pawnshop one of these days? Even if it does, we’ll probably never know.