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Antiques Roadshow Guest Stunned By Value Of Father’s UK Perfect Rolex Fake Watches Bought In Prisoner Of War Camp

In an old episode of Antiques Roadshow, the experts took viewers to Hutton-in-the-Forrest, where they offered their advice on an array of items. Expert Ben Wright was left surprised when a guest revealed the interesting story behind a stunning gold luxury UK Rolex replica watches her father purchased during his time in the war. After discussing the history behind the best Rolex fake watches, the guest was also left stunned when Ben revealed the estimated valuation of her family heirloom.

Introducing the guest and watch to the show, Ben asked: “Now I see the great many cheap Swiss replica Rolex watches on the Antiques Roadshow.

“Most of them have a fairly ordinary history to them, but I happen to know there is a little more interesting history to this Swiss movements Rolex copy watches.”

The guest began: “My father was captured in June 1940, and he was in the 51st Highland Division, and they were captured and had to march miles and miles across France, Belgium, Holland.

“Finally, they reached the camp, I think they were moved around quite a lot, but when they were captured, all the high quality Rolex replica watches were taken from them by the Germans.

“What interests me so much is this top Rolex fake watches was ordered by my father in 1941 direct to Switzerland, Rolex Switzerland, where it was delivered to him in the prison camp.

“I do not understand how the Germans could let them have the perfect replica Rolex watches, and I believe that a lot of other prisoners ordered similar watches because it was an incredible morale booster for them!”

Shocked at what the guest had just described, Ben continued: “It’s the most remarkable story, I have never ever heard this story before!

“I have never heard that you could order Rolex super clone watches for sale from Switzerland via the Red Cross as I understand it, whilst under guard, isn’t that extraordinary!

“The morale in the camp was very important, but to allow them mechanical things is extraordinary, and I had no idea this was allowed because physically, you could make something out of this Rolex replica watches shop site!”

The guest continued: “They did, I think they made compasses out of the bits because, in the great escape, I’m sure the man who organised the great escape was in a different camp.

“It was two years later than my father’s Rolex fake watches store, I’m sure they used the bits to make compasses from it.”

Ben added: “You have here your father’s prison of war camp documents, and astonishingly we have a picture of him if you like being entered into the prison war camp looking like a normal young man.

“All be it extremely tired from marching halfway across the continent of Europe and then a picture right at the end of him here having had a gruelling time in for what was three years?”

The guest revealed her father was imprisoned in the camp for five years, which Ben continued: “There is an astonishing difference.

“The other thing that is extraordinary is that Rolex sent this watch, they had no payment for it, and they took it on trust that he would pay his bill at the end of the war like any good British gentleman.

“It’s what’s called Rolex bubble back, so termed because the back of the Rolex replica watches for men is shaped as a bubble and the back is steel, and the front is rose gold.

“It’s a terrific story I mean, it really is a terrific story, at auction without the story it will be worth between £2500 and £3000, but with the story, it has to double in price so it must be worth a minimum of £5000!”

Shocked, the guest simply replied: “Goodness!” as Ben added: “I wouldn’t be at all surprised with the full story and such remarkable documentation I wouldn’t be surprised if it made considerably more.

“But I know you wouldn’t sell it and thank you so much for bringing it along because it really is a wonderful story!”