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What The 2022 UK Best Replica Rolex Watches Price Increase Means For Australian Consumers

While 1:1 Swiss replica watches brands love to talk about new model releases or brand ambassadors, they’re normally pretty tight-lipped about discontinuation or price increases – and no brand is more secretive than AAA UK Rolex fake watches, the world’s biggest watchmaker and the most famous luxury brand on the planet.

Hell, luxury Rolex replica watches is so tight-lipped about price increases that, according to insiders, they don’t even give their dealers that much of a heads-up – only revealing price increases as little as two weeks ahead of time. There’s no real set schedule for price increases, either, but it’s true that they’ve been more frequent over the last decade or so.

It can confirm that as of the 1st of January, high quality Rolex copy watches has indeed increased their retail prices for 2022… And not only that, but Australians have got a particularly raw deal.

The first thing worth noting is that the price increases aren’t even across the board. The average price increase was around 3-4%, but some models saw far greater price increases. Specifically, stainless steel models from Rolex’s “Professional” collection – which includes popular models like the cheap Swiss made replica Rolex Daytona, Explorer, GMT-Master and Submariner watches – saw average price increases of 10% or more.

But on top of that, it appears that in many cases, Australian prices for some models were increased more than prices in other markets. For example, the top wholesale fake Rolex Submariner ‘No Date’ (ref. 124060-0001) watches saw a 10.3% price increase in Italy and a 10.5% price increase in the United States, but a whopping 13.5% increase in Australia.

What gives? Well, it’s a function of the Australian dollar’s performance against the Swiss franc. On top of that, Swiss movements replica Rolex watches (indeed, many retailers) engages in what we’d like to call “aesthetic rounding”: that is, they like to round up their prices so that they end on a zero. You’ll never see a Rolex retail for $9,468; it’ll go for $9,500. If you catch our drift.

Rolex does go to great lengths to try and make sure their perfect super clone watches cost roughly the same no matter where you are in the world, in order to balance supply and demand. In that sense, we’re not being singled out – this isn’t an example of the ‘Australia Tax’ i.e. because we’re a small, geographically isolated market. It’s just due to our weaker dollar.

The million-dollar question is this: will the price increase affect the current ‘Rolex drought’? Probably not. It will probably just further push prices up on the second-hand/after/grey market (whatever you want to call it), but it’s hard to tell by how much. Prices on the aftermarket have long been rather disconnected and much higher than retail prices anyway…

All this means is that Australians will still continue to pay way too much for new top Rolex replica watches site, but we’re not significantly worse off than other consumers in other markets.

Aftermarket prices might become slightly higher in Australia as a reaction to the higher local retail price, but there’s unlikely to be a notable discrepancy between local aftermarket prices and overseas aftermarket prices – if prices get too silly locally, Aussies will just buy from overseas sellers, such is the nature of the beast.

Score Iconic Vintage High Quality Swiss Replica Rolex Watches UK This Holiday Season

You could point your finger at any number of reasons (the global supply chain and deep-pocketed collectors being among the most common would-be culprits), but the fact of the matter is, it ain’t exactly easy to get new best UK Rolex replica watches these days. That’s a bummer if you’re in the market for, say, the latest iteration of the Explorer II, or a Daytona with a meteorite dial, both of which were introduced at Watches and Wonders in 2021. But if you’re interested in getting your hands on a vintage Rolex—and, let’s be real, who isn’t interested in getting their hands on vintage Swiss movements Rolex fake watches—I have some very good news for you.

Just last week, expert vintage Rolex purveyor Bob’s Watches teamed up with the folks at Revolve to offer a collection of greatest hits ranging from the perfect Swiss replica Rolex Submariner watches to the Daytona—all with special pricing, and all available to buy right now. (You can learn more about the collection here.) What’s that mean for you? Well, it means that you might actually be able to score that investment-level 1:1 top copy watches you’ve had your eye on all year. Also, that you can rest assured that you’re not unnecessarily paying through the nose for it just because some shady dealer decided he wanted to line his pockets this holiday season.

There is one catch, though, and it’s the one you’d likely expect: These replica watches wholesale site are selling, and they’re selling fast. The Air King that’ll make your heart sing? Already sold out. But you can still snag a GMT-Master II with a Pepsi dial. Or the perfect fake Rolex Daytona or Submariner watches. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, there’s even Swiss made super clone Rolex Day-Date President watches in the mix. But I wouldn’t count on any of them sticking around for long. So if you’re in the market, it’s time to get shopping. Here are the best of the options available right now.

A Slew Of Coveted UK Wholesale Rolex Fake Watches In Time For The Holidays

Pre-owned watch dealer, Bob’s Watches, and online men’s and women’s fashion retailer, Revolve, have teamed up to offer a slew of coveted 1:1 luxury Rolex replica watches just in time for the season of gifting.

Getting your hands on new Swiss made fake Rolex watches at retail is almost impossible this year—just swing by any Rollie dealer and you will endless empty glass vitrines. Rumor has it that keeping new Rolexes in stock has been so difficult that the company might be considering creating dummy best UK replica watches, so clients can still try on timepieces while putting their names down on waiting lists.

But what if you want to get your hands on one now? Go pre-owned. Bob’s Watches has long been one of the top Rolex copy watches dealers in the secondary market and now you can shop some of its best pieces from the Crown at Revolve. The California-based companies are offering everything from cheap replica Rolex Daytona Ref. 116520 with a black dial to a Rolex Submariner “Kermit” Ref. 126610LV and ladies rollies such as an Oyster Perpetual Ref. 276200 with a pink dial.

In total, 17 pieces will be up for grabs through the Revolve x Bob’s Watches capsule collection and will be offered at special prices here and here. Case in point: An 18-karat yellow gold 36 mm perfect Swiss made Rolex Day-Date fake watches is listed at $9,295. Unfortunately, for would-be buyers that one has already been swiped up. But you should act fast if you want to get your hands on a 2020-model 34 mm 2021 super clone Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 124200 listed for $6,595, a 1990-model 40 mm Explorer II for $8,595, or an 18-karat yellow-gold Day-Date “President,” which received its nickname as a favorite of more than one POTUS since its introduction in 1956 (Nixon, Ford and Reagan, to name a few), for $19,495. The most expensive piece is, of course, the 40 mm steel Daytona Ref. 116520, the first Rolex Cosmograph Daytona replica watches for sale to run on the cal. 4130, which will set you back $25,495.