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Rolex Prices In The Current Day — What Generation Of 1:1 Perfect Rolex Fake Watches UK Is The Smartest Buy?

In 2022, the simple truth is that it is close to impossible to buy a new Rolex at an authorized dealer. Whether we like it or not, such is life today. To add to the confusion, we have seen a pull-back in best UK Rolex replica watches prices (and in the broader watch market) recently. It seems that the hysteria is quieting down a tad. This begs the question: what is the smart buy in today’s market? Should you pay over retail for a current-gen model? Should you hunt down a last-gen iteration? Or would neo- or true vintage be a better option? Let’s have a look!

Just as a disclaimer up front: the “smart” buy is, of course, always the high quality Rolex fake watches you want most. In the end, that is all that matters. In this article, however, we will look at the financial side of the equation. What is going on with prices and what does it mean for you as a buyer? Price information for this article is sourced from Chrono24. Please take all amounts and percentages as rough indications. We are talking averages and estimations here to paint a general picture. I am only looking at two models for the same reason. I am not aiming to produce a precise financial market report. If that is what you are looking for, stop reading here. With that out the way, let’s get stuck in.

The watch market pull-back

The first quarter of 2022 saw cheap replica Rolex watches prices reach new highs. With authorized dealers reporting zero stock for most models, you would have to resort to the secondhand or gray markets, where prices soared. At its peak, a current-gen black no-date Submariner commanded just over €15,000. If you could find one, that is. That is a premium of more than 75% over its €8,500 RRP. At the time of writing, you can find an unworn example just below €14,000. This equates to a pull-back of about 7%.

The cause of this decline is likely the fact that prices had been inflated by speculation and outside investors. They were lured in by the gold rush caused by greater-than-usual shortages caused by COVID. Whereas earlier, a more gradual long-term growth was caused by a growing community of aficionados and collectors as well as the general public buying Swiss made Rolex copy watches (steadily growing demand) and the limited supply by Rolex, this latest spurt was not quite so sustainable. When pretty much all investment classes took a big hit in May this year (2022), watches, and Rolex in particular, saw a correction too.

With artificial inflation as strong as it was here, the effects of a correction are amplified. Investors will cash out, which puts a lot of watches on the market at once. This then further pulls prices down. You ask why collectors dislike investors? Well, here is your answer.

Rolex prices went down, but so did demand. Both the transaction volume and value went down. Interestingly, the slump was not even across the board. Some watches were hit harder than others. And so, buying Rolex replica watches for sale today is a different game than it was two months ago.

Current versus previous-gen Rolex prices

As a sample, I pulled some figures on the current-gen Submariner ref. 124060 and steel AAA fake Rolex Datejust ref. 126200 watches. Both trade well above their respective RRPs. Both, however, took a dive between 6 and 7% over the past month. That might sound painful. However, compared to July 2021, that is still a growth of 21% for the Sub and 18% for the DJ. Yes, we may have been due a slight correction.

Let’s compare these to the previous, discontinued generation — the Submariner ref. 114060 and Datejust ref. 116200. These took a hit as well. They both saw a loss of about 4% between their peak and current prices. Comparing their current prices to July 2021, however, we still see massive growth. The luxury super clone Rolex Datejust watches went up approximately 20%. The Sub even grew about 24%. And yes, that includes the aforementioned slump.

This means that it was better this year — for your wallet, at least — to own a discontinued-gen Sub or DJ compared to a current-gen model. The growth was stronger and the correction was smaller.

Five-digit reference Rolex prices

Five-digit top Rolex replica watches have seen a particular appreciation lately. Not quite vintage and certainly not modern, these “neo-vintage” models attract plenty of admirers. In the case of our Submariner and Datejust samples, they have recently come back down a bit.

The 14060M Submariner went down by 7%, which still puts it a generous 13% above its typical trading value 12 months ago. The refs. 16200 (sapphire) and earlier 16000 (acrylic) Datejust went down a serious 10% and 13% respectively. This still puts them 6% and 8% above last year’s value.

This makes sense though, as they have been reliably hitting growth around 7% for years on end. The question is, are they back on track now, or are we going to see further declines?

Four-digit reference Rolex prices

Speculators do not care as much for vintage, or so it seems. The average price of the wholesale fake Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 watches recently declined by only 3%. This puts its growth for the past year at a substantial 10%. You will see a much greater variance in the graph, which is due to the more homogenous nature of modern Subs. Vintage models come in more varieties, and condition comes into play more profoundly. This leads to wider price ranges.

The four-digit China replica Rolex Datejust ref. 1600 watches performs similarly. A 4% correction puts it at +11% compared to a year ago. As with the five-digit references, these numbers are much closer to the typical yearly growth we have been seeing long-term.

Which is the smart buy?

I am no investor and certainly no investment advisor. And since you are here on Fratello rather than the Financial Times, I am assuming you are here for the love of Swiss movements Rolex replica watches too. It is, however, pleasant to know our money is not evaporating. For me, at least, watches are a substantial expense. It is comforting to know that some of them hold their value or actually gain a bit. I might not ever sell, but it is good to know that I could if I need to.

In that respect, in my eyes, the vintage stuff is a bit more transparent as a market. I get a sense — which is, admittedly, thinly backed by facts — that the growth here is caused by us. And by “us”, I mean aficionados and collectors like you and me. Seeing those four-digit references grow year over year by very similar percentages is reassuring. If a watch (Submariner ref. 124060) appreciates by 22% in just over a month, that does not seem healthy to me. It does not make me want to pull out my wallet and give it a go.

The last-gen models seem like a safer bet as well. They will likely suffer a dampened blow compared to current-gen models if best quality Rolex fake watches manages to get stock into boutiques again. You are getting very similar watches at substantially lower prices. As it seems today, there is a little less risk involved.

Rolex prices going forward

It is hard to predict where Rolex prices will go next. Are we back on track for the “normal” year-over-year value development? Is the hype-fueled inflation corrected after the recent slump already? Or do we still have some ways to go? Do we need a little more of a correction before the market stabilizes?

In any case, the situation is frustrating. It has little to do with the love of watches. We can appreciate replica Rolex watches paypal for its amazing products, but as collectors, we have not felt very welcome lately. One thing is for sure: the shortages will remain for a while to come. That means that prices will hit a support level at some point. However, anyone who claims to know when is lying.

What do you think? Where are Rolex prices headed, and which are the responsible buys in today’s market, in your eyes? Or are you fed up and no longer interested in The Crown altogether?

Mr Porter Is Now Offering Vintage UK Luxury Replica Rolex Watches

Luxury menswear e-tailer, Mr Porter is getting in on the vintage watch market and, quite frankly, we are surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. Global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Co. says sales of pre-owned AAA UK Rolex replica watches reached $19 billion in 2019 and are forecasted to grow to more than $30 billion by 2025.

Pre-owned, of course, includes newer timepieces. For a breakdown, vintage is generally accepted to mean high quality Rolex fake watches created before the 1970s (the era when the quartz crisis hit), neo-vintage often refers to pieces created from the 90s to early or mid-2000s, but pre-owned can also include any piece that has, as the name suggests, already been owned at least once even if it was fresh-to-market in 2022. Nevertheless, those figures suggest clients are clamoring for rarity or, at least, pieces they can’t find at retail as demand continues to eclipse supply. Mr Porter has already been dealing in the pre-owned market, so the vintage and neo-vintage timepieces offer something “new” for clients looking for rarer historical pieces.

To get in on the frenzy, Mr Porter enlisted Eric Wind of Wind Vintage to help curate the initial offering, which will, at debut, only be available for the US market with a plan to expand globally throughout the rest of the year. Wind is a notable dealer in the US, who honed his expertise while he was a senior watch specialist at Christie’s, and has a roster of high-profile clients who seek out his vault of rare perfect super clone Rolex watches, as well as his knowledge to help refine their collections.

Highlights from Mr Porter and Wind Vintage’s new lineup include best replica Rolex “Pepsi” GMT-Master Ref. 16750 and Submariner Ref. 5513 “Meters First” watches, named for its water-resistance dial stamp which reads “Meters First” rather than “Feet First,” which became the standard from 1969. Both of these coveted Rollie references, however, have already sold.

“For me, it was just about finding a mix of cool watches,” Wind told Robb Report. “You always want to have Swiss movements fake Rolex Datejust watches, a Speedmaster and other cornerstone staples that are very reliable for someone to dip their toe into vintage.” He added that his demarcation for vintage is 20 years or older.

In total, there are just 12 watches available for purchase at the outstart of Mr Porter’s new venture and they range in price from $1,900 to $19,800. In terms of Rolex copy watches for sale still up for grabs at the time of publication, Wind says he thinks the steel 36 mm top Swiss Rolex Datejust replica watches might fly fast because it is new old stock from 1997. It also comes outfitted with an attractive white tapestry dial.

It’s Best Quality UK Fake Rolex Vs. Rolex Watches In Today’s Sport Watch Throwdown

This Week’s Vintage Watches

A half dozen “new” vintage watches just hit the HODINKEE Shop. While a great Longines Automatic in full 18k white gold with a bracelet and a Universal Genève “Tank” headline the best of the rest, our editorial focus is fixed on two pillars of the vintage AAA Rolex replica watches game.

You’ve read Rich, Saori, and Sean talk about golden-age Rolex enough. Coming up with a differentiated take on the 1:1 UK fake Rolex Submariner or GMT-Master watches is a bit of a task at this point. We don’t want to let a bit of take fatigue on our end make the examples of these great models we’re offering any less special. Addressing this issue, we called on some friends. With a true collector-grade example of each available for sale in the Shop right now, we posed a simple prompt to the HODINKEE Slack: “Submariner or GMT-Master, and why?”

Team Submariner

“While I’ve always loved the colors of the classic “Pepsi” GMT, when I think of high quality replica Rolex sport watches, I think black, white, and steel. For me, the Submariner is the quintessential Rolex. There is something about the straightforward design and dedication to legibility that has always spoken to me. It’s an anchor of design and that’s why it was my first modern Rolex purchase. But that doesn’t stop me from wondering how a nice, vintage 5513 would look on my wrist.” – Jeff Hilliard, Director of Limited Editions

“What has three hands, two crowns, and triangles, circles, and rectangles galore?! It’s no extraterrestrial nursery rhyme, it’s simply my poorly ideated description of this pretty sweet vintage cheap Rolex Submariner copy watches. Actually, just ignore my rambling and check it out for yourself.” – Logan Baker, Brand Editor

“For me, it’s the bare-bones, no-date, black-and-white Submariner. There are many aspects to love about this watch but I particularly love the rugged design and the mixture of fonts – in particular the elongated numerals around the bezel and the italicized letters used for feet and meters. Without a doubt, I would consider this a daily go-to option.” – Jeffery Fowler, CEO

“As someone who comes from a lineage of mariners (whalers, ground fisherman, scallopers, and marine engineers), it is clear to me that the Submariner 5513 is truly a watch inspired by men of the sea. It’s a no-nonsense, legible tool watch that gets the job done. But that’s not to say that its simple beauty goes unappreciated. A mariner may give highest priority to pragmatic functionality, but a close second is making sure their vessel – or their watch – is looking her best, and the ref. 5513 doesn’t disappoint.” – Kaylen Duquette, Product Manager

“It’s all about the 5513. When it comes to vintage luxury Rolex replica watches, three handers are always the ones that sing to me. And the 5513 is the perfectly distilled essence of the rugged, purpose-built Submariner design, armed with simplicity and loads of vintage charm.” – TanTan Wang, Merchandising

“What’s not to love about this beautiful Sub? It is the perfect combination of modern and vintage, with that Sub look we know and love but with no hour marker surrounds and a lovely matching patina that has developed across the hands, hour markers, and lume pip.” – Matt Elrod, Pricing Specialist

“I’m going with the Submariner 5513; I like the more understated black and white tones of the Submariner over the spirited red and blue of the GMT. At first glance, the Swiss made fake Rolex watches may look like just another Sub, but when you look closely, you are mesmerized by the beautiful matching patina, of the dial, hands, and pip. Examining the dial conjures up flashbacks of a time where this watch could have seen the depths of the ocean.” – David Kochanik, Senior Manager of Pre-Owned Pricing

“This Submariner speaks to my soul as a designer. It’s a perfect encapsulation of form truly following function. I love that it’s stripped down to its essentials and how iconic it is in its styling, and it just seems to get better with age.” – Michael Croxton, VP of Product Design

Team GMT-Master

“For me, it’s the 1675, no question. In a lot of ways, 1675 is the GMT reference – the category killer. The ‘radial’ dial puts it over the top.” – Nick Marino, SVP of Content

“I feel the GMT is the most practical complication. I use it to track Pacific Standard Time, which is where the majority of my family is located. It’s extremely helpful to glance at my wrist and check the time before placing a call to a family member, which I will be doing this Sunday on Father’s Day. I would be hard-pressed to find a more attractive way to gauge when to call than glancing at a vintage ref. 1675 as my father goes about his day.” – Nash Larson, Key Accounts Manager

“The comparison is tricky because the GMT-Master is a Submariner with a different bezel and GMT functionality. I’m fascinated by the boom in commercial aviation during the mid-century years, so it’s the top Rolex GMT-Master replica watches for me. The GMT-Master played a significant role in the cockpit; 707 pilots wore it, Chuck Yeager wore one, even modern day astronauts still wear the GMT-Master in space. Regardless of the current luxury status of the GMT-Master, there’s no arguing with the hundreds of real-world examples of the watch being used for its intended purpose. That’s what pulls me towards the GMT-Master.” – Cole Pennington, Editor

“Being limited by needing a rotating bezel and water resistance, all dive Rolex super clone watches for sale will have some sort of look in common, but a GMT only needs to track two different time zones, which can be and has been done in 100 different ways – but one rules them all. The Rolex Pepsi bezel GMT-Master is the GMT all others are measured against, with a long production run from 1959-1980, the 1675 model is the king, accept no substitutions.” – Mark Hackman, Buyer

“Legends never die. (Please see accompanying photo)” – Rachel Hoffman, Site Merchandising Associate

“Although I love a simple Sub, I think the most appealing thing about the GMT-Master is the color contrasts between the Pepsi color bezel and the black dial. A perfect combination of aged tritium lume gives the vibrant look that extra vintage flair. With Father’s Day coming up I recently had a conversation with my dad on how I would want us to have matching Submariners or GMTs one day. The jury is still out, both are surely timeless Rolex classics.” – Jamil Harris, Quality Control Specialist

“I would like to start off by saying I love a Pepsi bezel (always have, always will). The red & blue have so much personality and are, well, just fun! I’m definitely going for the 1978 Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675 ‘Mark 3 Radial Dial’. There is something so sweet about a vintage Pepsi– It’s cool, it’s colorful, & it’s timeless.” – Mary Wright, Associate Merchant

“The watch that I wear most is an all-black GMT-Master II, so I have to stick with the GMT here. The dial looks amazing and I love the nice pop of color the Pepsi bezel offers without being obnoxious.” – Roberto DaSilva, Senior Manager of Wholesale Buying

“The GMT speaks to me most, by far. A GMT function is, in my eyes, the most useful complication. So much so that I would argue it is the only useful complication for the real world.” – Jonathan McWhorter, Videographer and Photographer

“The perfect replica Rolex GMT-Master 1675 watches is a time machine. When I’ve had the opportunity to wear one, I feel like a Pan Am Pilot in the golden age of aviation. Not only does it indicate the local time and your destination time, but it is truly a time capsule (especially for pilots and aviation enthusiasts). In today’s contemporary world, I can only imagine what it must have felt like to rely on a wristwatch for such an important function. To own and wear a GMT Master 1675 is a privilege and an honor.” – Taylor Stevens, Account Manager